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About Healing Truth

Healing Truth is one of the projects of Newturn Foundation NPC, a nonprofit organization.
Healing Truth is a campaign under Truth Inc.

Truth Inc is a creative media agency specializing in marketing, branding and using multimedia to promote the message of clean, green, holistic, eco-friendly products and information. All products and information are categorized into two sectors, namely Healing Truth (wellness and nutrition initiatives) and Green Truth (green energy and environmental initiatives), and these two sectors represent two national brands. Truth Inc is proudly supported by Healing Truth and Green Truth.

Healing Truth aims to bring awareness to all concepts, projects and products that fall in the wellness and nutrition initiatives sector and enable consumers in a faster and more effective way to have access to what is currently available in South Africa and Africa.

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Peet resizedPeet Louw

Peet Louw founded NIKAO Network Ministry in 1997. He was in full-time ministry for 7 years and in this time he completed various project management, marketing management and budgeting courses as well as various other courses.

He had hands-on training in a wide spectrum of activities, from grassroots community projects to national and international marketing initiatives and relations. In 2003 he was approached by Eternal Pictures to market and launch the film "The Lazarus Phenomenon" throughout South Africa, America, England and Europe. Peet returned to South Africa in 2004 and established Christian Resource Network, a one-stop Christian DVD resource distribution and marketing company. In 2006 Peet was approached by Global Creative Studios to manage the church and rural screenings for "Faith Like Potatoes", and he did this as part of a bigger marketing team. Later on his responsibilities increased and included managing a call centre, retail distribution and rental distribution for "Faith Like Potatoes". Humble Pie Entertainment was established in March 2007 by Peet Louw and Pieter Pohl as directors. Peet is the co-founder and sole owner of Humble Pie Entertainment, the founder and owner of Truth Inc. Peet founded and co-founded various other marketing and business concepts over the past few years and is dedicated to impact people's lives through whatever means with the truth, so that they are able to make informed choices in their lives. Peet is passionate about media and believes in networking and joining forces with likeminded individuals to be more effective.

He is the founder and chairman of Newturn Foundation NPC, a registered not-for profit organisation in South Africa. He manage various projects and initiatives under the foundation. After a nationwide awareness campaign and film releases about clean energy and a nutritional appraoch in restoring health, the Wellness & Lifestyle Centre was formed and been runing for the past 3 years. The vision is to initiate the nationwide awareness campaign agian and establish Wellness Centes in South Africa and in Africa to make the truth and services more accesable to everyone. He believes that the "health industry" is moving towards the wellness side and the only lasting and effective way is the natural way, not the alternative way, but the origanal way. Understanding the body and its needs, then supplying the body, the human being in all its needs to enable the body to heal itself.


pic not availableKathy Cotterrell

As a Practicing Plant-Based Lifestyle Trainer, Kathy is also the Founder/Owner/Director of Food4Life Ministries based in Swaziland.
Kathy is passionate about helping people get well, stay well and live well!
It all started in 2001 when Kathy and Colin changed their entire outlook on
what they were eating, drinking and doing (exercise, sunlight, fresh air).

Then in 2007 Kathy completed the first course ‘Get Well Stay Balanced’ an introductory programme offered by Hallelujah Acres. Colin felt she needed to pursue this further, so in 2009 she enrolled at an UK college to do an whole-foods course ‘Nutrition A Practical Approach’ by Suzanne le Quesne. Kathy did not feel comfortable doing this course as it was not where here heart was, but it helped her get a broader view of what was happening in the ‘health’ arena. Colin encouraged her to do the ‘Hallelujah Acres Health Minister’ programme, which she completed in July 2013. So for 16 years Kathy has not just been speaking about a plant-based lifestyle, but actually living it!
Her passion is to train anybody who is interested in taking charge of their own health by going the natural plant-based way. 



pic not availableRita Botha

Rita Botha has a background in nursing and auxiliary radiography and served as Course Co-ordinator and PRO for Rand Afrikaans University. She has seven years of experience in methods of posture assessment and correction. During this period the Worked with employees and gleaning statistics of chronic pain in the workplace has confirmed the need for a visual, educative posture assessment and corrective method with an outcomes base of referral.

The advent of remarkable top of the range assessment and corrective tools as a remedial measure provides a true breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of posture and foot deficiencies.

Rita is passionate about helping people and to provide assistance to obtain a better quality life. Rita is the founder of IPA4U (Improved Postural Alignment For You) and offers posture analysis as well as an array of breathing and stretching exercises.

Carol Malanpic not available

Carol is Self-trained Touch Therapist. She joined the Wellness & Lifestyle Centre Stilbaai team in October 2016. She is passionate about people and this led her to train herself in doing touch therapy. Her touch massage services involve the following: full body; back only; head & shoulders; feet; lymph drainage & body brushing.

After an intense emotional consultation, Carol is the perfect choice to help you wind down!

pic not availableMarlene Vorster

Marlene joined the Wellness & Lifestyle team as a Full Body Masseuse
& Beautician and we have found the need to incorporate her expertise
into the services offered at the Centre.

Marlene’s qualifications are as follows:
A diploma in Body Massaging; Anatomy II; Electricity & Chemistry; Bacteriology; Cosmetology; Business Management; Manicure & Pedicure; Facial Treatment with Apparatus; Waxing & Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting done through the Mizanne College, A certificate in Lymphatic Drainage course done through the Sanguine Beauty & Wellness College, A diploma in Fashion & Photographic Make-up course through The Make-Up School.

Marlene had her own salon and now offers her services as part of our Wellness SPA programme at the Centre.
She has a very amicable personality and is passionate about helping women feel good about themselves. 

Marcelle Southeypic not available

Marcelle is a Certified Thermographic Technician who has been working with the Wellness & Lifestyle Centre since 2014.
In addition to her thermographic training she has been studying natural health for the past 20 years. After 2 years of research, she finally started her practice in Pietermaritzburg in 2011 and now calls on Howick, Westville, Durban North, Ladysmith, Harrismith, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Stilbaai.

More and more doctors are recognizing the value of thermography and Marcelle is confident that thermoscans will become the choice method of harmless
routine breast cancer screening.
Her favourite quote is: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Marcelle Southey is a Professional consultant working directly with the Wellness & Lifestyle Centre in her area of expertise.

Dr Okker Bothapic not available

Naturopath & registered homeopath with 14 years’ experience in practice.
Neogenesis Systems was started by Dr Okker Botha, after exploring various techniques and equipment to improve his understanding of his patients’ health at a cellular level. With a passion for natural medicine, nutrition and helping people improve their health, Dr Botha studied the analysis of live and dry blood and later pioneered this technique in South Africa. Since compiling the most comprehensive training manual on this subject, and training hundreds of practitioners worldwide, Neogenesis has become the undisputed global leader in live blood analysis.

“We pride ourselves in the fact that we have built lasting business relationships with all of our clients. It’s very important to us that our clients are treated as people and that they benefit from our expertise. We have invested much time and research in finding the most reliable, quality products that we can confidently endorse with our 2 year, manufacturer-independent guarantee. We’ve done the groundwork so our clients don’t fall prey to the pitfalls in buying equipment.” – Dr Okker Botha

Dr Okker Botha is a Professional consultant working directly with the Wellness & Lifestyle Centre in his area of expertise.

Fred & Linda Meyerpic not available

Fred & Linda are excellent recreational guides in and around Stilbaai as well as amazing support for the work being done at the Wellness & Lifestyle Centre in an advisory capacity.

They are very people orientated and do counselling wherever needed.