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You have read our website and might be interested in opening a similar wellness centre in your city, town or country in Southern Africa.
Well, we can assist you!

The wellness industry is growing exponentially as more and more people are looking for ‘the natural way’, the way nature intended things to be. With this phenomenal increase in natural “medicine” and the wellness industry expanding in providing evidence-based natural methods for people to assist their bodies to heal itself; this is the perfect time to get involved, support and/or open up a Wellness & Lifestyle Centre in your city or town.

The biggest challenge with natural methods and trustworthy supplements are that it is not accessible to all people and most people don’t know of it yet. There is a “general sense” that “drugs” alone is not working, and “drugs” has never and can never heal the body. Only the body can heal itself if it is provided with the needed elements and the “terrain” is restored to enable restoration and healing to take place.

With the collapse of the governmental health care systems and the increasing effect of pharmaceutical drugs, people will be forced to search for alternatives and going back to ‘the natural way’, which is the most reliable way and nature’s way of assisting the healing process. A Wellness & Lifestyle Centre can fill this gap and provide life altering information/education to enable changes to prevent, restore and heal people.

By opening a Wellness & Lifestyle Centre in your city or town, you are bringing the truth to the people, making therapies and methods available to them that have never been available before and thereby create a direct and indirect influence in affecting the “terrain” in the community to inspire people to change their lifestyle.

The process is as follows:
Please e-mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request more info pertaining to ‘Opening A Wellness Centre’ (Your e-mail will be answered within 48hours, if not, please resend) We will reply with a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which you need to sign in order to send you more information. (The nature of the information is confidential and therefore will only be provided to individuals who are serious and willing to follow the process). You will then receive further information and an application form which needs to be completed and sent back. In the application you need to write why you would like to open such a wellness centre and by completing the application form, you agree with our terms and conditions as set out on this website ( as well as the vision of Healing Truth in general.

There are 4 ways how you can open such a wellness centre
a) A full inclusive package which includes all equipment, training support, etc. You only need to provide the infrastructure (building/premises) as well as staff, decor and running capital to get the centre started. (ZAR 1.5m)
b) A Package which excludes all equipment. (ZAR 1.2m)
c) Specific equipment you want to purchase with training. (Pricelist)
d) An Affiliation package which makes you part of the group and provides support and continued information on various levels. (ZAR 45 000.00)
d) Partnership option with only 2 partners. (From ZAR 850 000.00 upwards)
(Each option has its terms & conditions)

Thank you very much for your interest and consideration in helping us make services and the truth more accessible in Southern Africa.

Please also consider making a generous donation towards Healing Truth to enable us to help more people, share more information and make it more accessible. There is a payment menu button on the top section of this website, with all the relevant payment method links. By becoming part of this network, Healing Truth, you will automatically support Newturn Foundation NPC who aims to assist more people through the general vision of Healing Truth.

“Informed people can make informed choices!”

Visionary, Founder & Manager