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Intravenous Therapy (Drips)

BCo + Vitamin C + B12


This is a remarkable substance to use intravenously when the normal oral dose needs to be exceeded. Diarrhoea may occur when taking doses of 5 or more grams per day and bowel tolerance is a maximum of 10 grams per 24 hours. Vitamin C in dosages of 25 grams or more take on a therapeutic role that is safe and effective in treating many clinical conditions.
In studying the physiological role of Vitamin C, one realizes that it does a lot more than merely stop humans getting scurvy or giving them expensive urine. It is well known for immune stimulation, but also plays a part in collagen formation, hormone production, liver detoxification, wound healing and in slowing metatastic spread of carcinomas.

Intravenous Vitamin C
High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C used mainly for Cancer and Liver conditions.

• Vit. C Drips Prices-        
50 000mg:  R 900.00
25 000mg:  R 750.00
12 500mg:  R 650.00

Derived from the Greek "chele", the claw of a crab or lobster, the word refers to the pincer-like binding action of certain chemicals to a metal ion. These chemicals are then excreted mainly via the urine and a small amount via the liver. Heavy metals are a cause of, and contribute to, many chronic disease states.
Toxic levels in the body can be assessed by doing a heavy metal challenge test. This involves being given EDTA, DMPS and DMSA and collecting a urine sample two hours later which is sent to the laboratory for analysis. Based on the results of the test, a chelation program can be worked out (lifestyle changes, diet and detoxification) to clear the toxic metals from the body.

Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide - A Bio-Oxidative treatment used to stimulate immune function.
This is an extremely useful therapy that has been around for almost a century, but unfortunately has become forgotten. The first doctors to use this substance intravenously were two medical practitioners in the British forces in India during the 1914-1918 war.

They were faced with large numbers of patients dying of pneumonia with the influenza epidemic at the end of the war. They wrote up their findings in the Lancet published in 1922. They treated 26 terminally ill patients with intravenous hydrogen peroxide and 13 of the patients survived. Not bad considering they had to do a cut down and drip the fluid into a glass cannula; there were no drip sets or intravenous fluids pre-packed at that time.

There was little or no interest in their work until 1988 when Dr Charles Farr working at the Oklahoma Academic Hospital on his PHD thesis on the intracellular effects of hydrogen peroxide, also during a influenza epidemic, sent message around the hospital that anyone who was not well should come to his department. He treated 45 personell on the first day, seven on day 2 who were still not well, and four on day 3. He noted that those patients who needed more therapy had existing lung disease. Dr Farr later started the International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA), which he ran until his death in 1998.

Dr Farr showed that the body has an abundance of hydrogen peroxide in minute quantities in every cell of the body, and by giving very dilute solutions of hydrogen peroxide it is possible to activate cytochrome P450, promote immune regulation, and exhibit viricidal, bactericidal and fungicidal activity. There are three main enzyme systems that are activated by hydrogen peroxide: catalase, glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase.

This therapy may be used in acute and chronic cases. In chronic cases the usefulness comes in with the release of oxygen intracellularly, by the action of catalase which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. This is of great use in tissue that is anoxic due to various reasons. The patient with angina will obtain relief with this therapy, especially with magnesium added to the infusion.

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